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The Law and You


PLEASE NOTE: The articles featured here in "the Law and You" provide general information. Laws develop over time and also differ from state to state. These articles do not provide legal advice about specific legal problems. Most of all, these articles are NOT a substitute for legal advice. Rather, they are intended to introduce you to the topic and give you some basic information. For more information about your particular situation, you should seek out the advice of an attorney. Please feel free to give Attorney Rutter a call at any time, to schedule an appointment to begin a discussion of your legal needs.

Family Law

Introduction to Divorce and Family Law

Parenting Rights and Responsibilities

Estate Planning

Intro. to Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney & Estate Planning

What You Should Know About Wills

What You Should Know About Estate Planning with a Living Trust

What You Should Know About Advanced Directives, POAs & Living Wills

Business Law
COMING SOON: "Preventive Legal Health Checklist for Your Small Business."

Personal Legal Matters